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SUSHI is a great website that has an enormous amount of unique and interesting info on it. Here's something from their front page: "Beginning as a method of preserving fish centuries ago, sushi has evolved into an artful, unique dining experience. In its earliest form, dried fish was placed between two wads of vinegared rice as a way of making it last. The nori (seaweed) was added later as a way to keep one's fingers from getting sticky. Technically, the word 'sushi' refers to the rice, but colloquially, the term is used to describe a finger-size piece of raw fish or shellfish on a bed of vinegared rice."

Because have answers to so many sushi questions, we've listed 5 of their pages below. And keep in mind that by joining the newsgroup you'll be able to post your own specific questions and receive answers.
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How To Make Sushi - Sushi Making DVDNEW — How To Make Sushi — SUSHI'S SECRETS
How To Make Sushi - Sushi Making DVD
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The SUSHI'S SECRETS DVD is a fun, easy and entertaining way for you to learn how to make delicious sushi at home. Never before has an authentic Japanese Sushi chef and instructor revealed his 20 years of know-how like this. Following the step-by-step instructions you will be amazed by your own results. You'll enjoy rolling your own sushi and you'll also be able to delight your family and friends. 65 minutes of video! PLUS A FREE NUTRITION CHART!
Learn more on our Sushi DVD Page How To Make Sushi - Sushi Making DVD — SUSHI'S SECRETS

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sushi supplies - free shipping
In section 4 you will find answers to the following questions:
sushi arrow 4.1 What are the different kinds of sushi?
sushi arrow 4.2 What is sashimi?
sushi arrow 4.3 What are those other things I see on my plate?
sushi arrow 4.4 What do all these words mean? (i.e. terminology)
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sushi - The Sushi Experience
In section 5 you will find answers to the following questions:
sushi arrow 5.1 Is there sushi/sashimi etiquette?
sushi arrow 5.1 Who is this guy preparing the food and can I pester him with questions?
sushi arrow 5.3 How can I impress the Itamae? Do you know any expressions?
sushi arrow 5.4 What kinds of preparation techniques are there for sushi?
sushi arrow 5.41 Are the grooves in my Ika (squid) natural?
sushi arrow 5.5 Are there other fanatics like me? Can I meet them?
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Oshizushi Box - pressed sushi | sushi maker
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sushi - Preparation, Supplies And Tips
In section 6 you will find answers to the following questions:
sushi links6.1 Where do I find more information on preparation?
sushi links6.2 Where do I find more information on purchasing, storing, and handling seafood?
sushi links6.3 Where do I get sushi making supplies?
sushi links6.4 What type of rice cooker should I get?
sushi links6.5 Have you any tips on preparing my own sushi?
sushi links6.6 Is fresh water fish OK to use?
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sushi - Other Information Sources
In section 7 you will find answers to the following questions:
sushi links7.0 What other sources of information are available?
sushi links7.1 Parasites, Illness and bugs? Oh my!
sushi links7.2 How do I know if the food is fresh?
sushi links7.3 Where can I find information on parasites and other pathologies?
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sushi linksThe Secret of Sushi
Seafoods served in sushi are very much lower in calories and fat than meat. Visit the The Secret of Sushi website to see a comparison chart between fish and meat, along with some sushi keywords explained. [GO]
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sushi linksSeafood Network Information Center - Seafood Safety
Food-borne illness is not limited to seafood, but is a common concern of all food industries. The recent media attention to seafood has led to an increase in public awareness and a number of misconceptions about the safety of eating seafood. The incidence of illness attributed to seafood can be reduced if the public is better informed, understands the risks, and most importantly, learns to prevent seafood-borne illness. Visit the Seafood Network Information Center's Seafood Safety pages to learn more. [GO]
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sushi linksTokyo Food Page - Sushi Vocabulary
Do you know what the words ama-ebi, kajiki, saba or tsubugai mean? If you don't, this glossary of Japanese sushi terms will help you figure out just what you're ordering in a sushi bar. [GO]
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